Something red…

Hey! Here's a twist to our local mancala (sungka in Filipino) just in time for Valentine's Day! 💕 I bought this mancala, along with other pieces, from an antique shop in Baguio City, last January 2017 and I've been contemplating (or procrastinating )what to do with it for almost a year. 😼 Should I leave… Continue reading Something red…

Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance by Shanghai Tang

It's been raining in Metro Manila and it's so tempting to stay in bed and read a good book. I recently bought a very nice one – Falling Leaves. I got it from Book Sale for only over PhP 100, hardbound, and in excellent condition. It's written by Adeline Yen Mah and I'm dying to… Continue reading Home Fragrance by Shanghai Tang


Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

If you follow my Instagram posts, you may already have an idea of the mini-project that my son did recently. It is a movable stair stepper for a bunk bed that badly needed some TLC. We wanted to add some wooden brackets to support the steps because it started to break already. We also asked… Continue reading Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

My stories

“Mothers come in many forms”

I've recently seen the movie “Mothers and Daughters” and it was spectacular. It depicts the cheery, loving and also complicated ties between mothers and daughters. This made me reflect on my very own relationship with my mother, and the kind of mother I am to my child. I was abandoned by both parents, under different… Continue reading “Mothers come in many forms”


Faux Rust Finish

Hi you guys. It's weekend, yay! By the way, have you noticed how hot and humid it has been lately? It's 32ºC with 55% humidity. So, drink up and step up your SPF because summertime has finally arrived. I bet you are dreaming of a beach getaway or perhaps to go somewhere cold? As for… Continue reading Faux Rust Finish