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So I was told…

Someone told me "In life, you gotta do things even when they're tough... even when you don't like it, you just gotta do it!" I was caught off guard, wasn't able to utter a word while these thoughts were running in my head. Like, who is this person talking to me?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ At age 9,… Continue reading So I was told…


Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

If you follow my Instagram posts, you may already have an idea of the mini-project that my son did recently. It is a movable stair stepper for a bunk bed that badly needed some TLC. We wanted to add some wooden brackets to support the steps because it started to break already. We also asked… Continue reading Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

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Overworked? Read this.

Happy Easter to All! How did you celebrate Easter? A typical Filipino family would have been able to hear mass, dine out and/or watch a movie. Boss Baby is already out last Saturday (15th April) in Manila cinemas by the way; I've been waiting for this movie since they released an ad early this year.… Continue reading Overworked? Read this.

My stories

“Mothers come in many forms”

I've recently seen the movie “Mothers and Daughters” and it was spectacular. It depicts the cheery, loving and also complicated ties between mothers and daughters. This made me reflect on my very own relationship with my mother, and the kind of mother I am to my child. I was abandoned by both parents, under different… Continue reading “Mothers come in many forms”