Painting a Laminate Dresser

Hello there! It’s a lovely weather in Metro Manila today. Google says it’s 28ºC perfect for a walk in the park, dip in the pool or to run around with your dog. 😁🐶 Here’s a photo taken from our balcony at 7:30am today, not too hot yet. It’s a perfect time to water my super thirsty… Continue reading Painting a Laminate Dresser


DIY: How-To-Paint Furniture

I am very new to painting furniture, there’s so much to learn, but that wouldn’t stop me from sharing with you what I know so far. I am also a believer that you learn best while doing it and by getting hints and tips from others.  You’ll also find details on the basic tools, products I used… Continue reading DIY: How-To-Paint Furniture

Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance by Shanghai Tang

It's been raining in Metro Manila and it's so tempting to stay in bed and read a good book. I recently bought a very nice one – Falling Leaves. I got it from Book Sale for only over PhP 100, hardbound, and in excellent condition. It's written by Adeline Yen Mah and I'm dying to… Continue reading Home Fragrance by Shanghai Tang


Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

If you follow my Instagram posts, you may already have an idea of the mini-project that my son did recently. It is a movable stair stepper for a bunk bed that badly needed some TLC. We wanted to add some wooden brackets to support the steps because it started to break already. We also asked… Continue reading Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

Home Decor

“Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to Fix You” – Coldplay

I know weeks have passed since Coldplay's concert here in Manila but I still can't get over the awesome music and visuals they've shown. The led lights, the crazy Xylobands/wristbands that glow in sync and most of all the amazing fireworks that inspired me to jump endlessly despite my tired feet. 😃 Inspired with that,… Continue reading “Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to Fix You” – Coldplay

My stories

Overworked? Read this.

Happy Easter to All! How did you celebrate Easter? A typical Filipino family would have been able to hear mass, dine out and/or watch a movie. Boss Baby is already out last Saturday (15th April) in Manila cinemas by the way; I've been waiting for this movie since they released an ad early this year.… Continue reading Overworked? Read this.