Airbrush Makeup, Japan Workshop

Hi! It’s been crazy since we came back from Japan. We arrived a bit late in the evening and I got to work very early the following day. There's so many unpacking to do, laundry's piling up, muscles sore and too many pounds to shed haha. I have a new makeup luggage by the way.… Continue reading Airbrush Makeup, Japan Workshop


More about Mr. Tadashi’s T-Method

This trip in Japan allowed me to spend quality time with my two loves and it is priceless!!! I love you both so much! 🤗 Another highlight of the trip is attending a private workshop with Mr. Tadashi, one of Japan's leading makeup artists. Just like how I felt when I first communicated with him… Continue reading More about Mr. Tadashi’s T-Method


Paris Beauty Airbrush T-Method

Aside from having TALENTED and very NICE MuA friends (hello Gen, She and Zalds), I prayed to have a really good teacher/mentor who is never reluctant to share his/her knowledge/skills; one who teaches from the heart, help you with your mistakes and cheer for your success. All these, I have experienced today. ☺️ Aren't the… Continue reading Paris Beauty Airbrush T-Method

My stories

So I was told…

Someone told me "In life, you gotta do things even when they're tough... even when you don't like it, you just gotta do it!" I was caught off guard, wasn't able to utter a word while these thoughts were running in my head. Like, who is this person talking to me?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ At age 9,… Continue reading So I was told…


Something red…

Hey! Here's a twist to our local mancala (sungka in Filipino) just in time for Valentine's Day! 💕 I bought this mancala, along with other pieces, from an antique shop in Baguio City, last January 2017 and I've been contemplating (or procrastinating )what to do with it for almost a year. 😼 Should I leave… Continue reading Something red…