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So I was told…

Someone told me "In life, you gotta do things even when they're tough... even when you don't like it, you just gotta do it!" I was caught off guard, wasn't able to utter a word while these thoughts were running in my head. Like, who is this person talking to me?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ At age 9,… Continue reading So I was told…


Something red…

Hey! Here's a twist to our local mancala (sungka in Filipino) just in time for Valentine's Day! 💕 I bought this mancala, along with other pieces, from an antique shop in Baguio City, last January 2017 and I've been contemplating (or procrastinating )what to do with it for almost a year. 😼 Should I leave… Continue reading Something red…


Save your powders!ʉϬ

Hey! Whether you're a working makeup artist or simply a makeup lover, you'll agree with me when I say, each item in our makeup kit is precious. Through the years, I've been stocking up on my makeup kit and one thing I know for sure - it'll never be enough! One eyeshadow palette is not… Continue reading Save your powders! âœ¨


Happy Holidays!

Hello LOVES! 💁🏻 Who's ready to get hold of these babies? 💕 Book until 15th Dec 2017 to get your freebies!!! ☝🏻DM/Email me for inquiries and to reserve your slot! ☝🏻Freebies may vary and will depend on the type of service you'll avail; e.g. Traditional Makeup with Hairstyling, HD Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Creative Makeup, etc.… Continue reading Happy Holidays!


Day 3: Airbrush Masterclass

The day has finally arrived. I'm sad it has come to an end but I'm also happy and excited to go back to PH equipped with new learnings. The first half of the day was a creative/editorial makeup demo by Ms. Alan. She entrusted me to do the complexion/base, highlights & sculpting and then she… Continue reading Day 3: Airbrush Masterclass