Glow series

I’m so happy to share with you the first set of photos from the shoot I did few months ago with master photographer, Rey Ortiz of the Camera Club of the Philippines. This great opportunity will never be possible without the support of someone who prefers not to be mentioned. Still, a Big Thank you!

I’m so happy with the results and instead of sharing everything at once, I think it’ll be more fun if we break them down per layout.

For the first look, the inspiration was all about a woman’s natural radiance – that glow from within.glow1The makeup application on the model was very simple and easy to replicate. The key was with the skin preparation. I made sure that the skin was well hydrated; color correction on the parts where it’s needed; contouring and highlighting to enhance her beautiful features. 

glow2The colors used were very close to the model’s undertone, enough to bring a little more warmth and luminosity to the over-all look. 


I hope you guys like it. ❤️ Till next time!









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