Airbrush Makeup, Japan Workshop

Hi! It’s been crazy since we came back from Japan. We arrived a bit late in the evening and I got to work very early the following day. There’s so many unpacking to do, laundry’s piling up, muscles sore and too many pounds to shed haha.

I have a new makeup luggage by the way. Organizing my stuff is now way easier. I had fun labeling them too. I was inspired to label my stuff when I saw Mr. Tadashi’s workplace so neat and organized. It’s almost heavenly. But I think I overdid with the labels…they’re everywhere!

TMAX’s project manager, Mr. Jay sent me the photos from the workshop with Mr. Tadashi. Yay! The guideline states I may post them for public viewing online within a year’s period only. That’s totally fine coz I can still use them for my portfolio.

While I cannot share with you everything about the workshop, let me give the highlights to you very briefly.

First part in the morning was mainly focused on the scientific, technical aspect of airbrush makeup, aesthetics, different types of lighting and color theory. He shared with me a much deeper explanation about skin composition, face charts, how colors vary under different light settings, which airbrush stroke best applies for  specific parts of the face and an overall a global appreciation of beauty from a makeup artist’s standpoint. 

The topics may be familiar to professional makeup artists; basic knowledge one should carry along his/her work. These things were taught in the previous classes I’ve attended and I’m glad that Mr. Tadashi taught me something that I do not know about. A lot that it humbles me. I actually asked myself am I worthy to call myself a professional makeup artist. Seriously. 

Afterwards, the professional photographer Ms. Motoko arrived followed by the model, Ms. Ailene. We skipped lunch by the way, which for me is a plus. No time is wasted.

The first hands-on task is for Mr. Tadashi to do the airbrush makeup application on one side of the model’s face and for me to replicate it to the other side. I tell you that was intense. Pressure  was to the highest level but he was patient enough to correct and guide me. 

Below you’ll see portraits taken by Ms. Motoko, before and after each makeup application.

collage Before_v1

The second hands-on exercise is for me to do a full face airbrush makeup – complexion, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, lips. 

We kept the makeup very minimal, enough to cover some of the redness and minor discoloration (we love her freckles), therefore allowing the skin to breathe and her natural beauty to shine through. 

tmax 1st look front_v1
1st look (front)
collage 1st look sides_v1
1st look (sides)

The second look is to add just a little bit more of color to the eyes and lips and a very light false eyelashes to keep her natural look.

collage 2nd look sides
2nd look (sides)
collage 2nd look front
2nd look (front)

Overall, it was wonderful experience and I feel so lucky to have been mentored by Mr. Tadashi. Nonetheless, learning doesn’t end here, it’s a continuous process, and I’m here to embrace this journey.

That’s all for now and thank you for dropping by!



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