More about Mr. Tadashi’s T-Method

This trip in Japan allowed me to spend quality time with my two loves and it is priceless!!! I love you both so much! 🤗

Another highlight of the trip is attending a private workshop with Mr. Tadashi, one of Japan’s leading makeup artists. Just like how I felt when I first communicated with him online, he’s such a talented artist and a great teacher in real life.

We had a full-packed agenda, skipped lunch, and it was all worth it. He shared with me a lot of useful techniques from the Makeup Forever Paris Academy for TV and Cinema and his very own T-Method.

I’ll share with you a little secret, I usually get insecure especially when I meet “over-confident” (especially rude) people, but I think I’m good now. The new lessons learned from him are way beyond the trainings I’ve had so far.

But of course, I will never be able to appreciate and understand Mr. Tadashi’s teaching method if not because of the trainings I’ve attended from CAS and Makeup Forever Academy in SG. Those trainings were my very foundation.

Here’s a photo I took (from my iPhone) of the model after the workshop.

Note: official photos will be released soon!

Always remeber, people do things differently and I’m glad I’m close to being more comfortable in doing things the “areza” way with the guidance of my new mentor – Mr. Tadashi.

Just love, live passionately and when you meet angst and rudeness from others, just try to be kind anyways. ❤️✌🏻🤗



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