Paris Beauty Airbrush T-Method

Aside from having TALENTED and very NICE MuA friends (hello Gen, She and Zalds), I prayed to have a really good teacher/mentor who is never reluctant to share his/her knowledge/skills; one who teaches from the heart, help you with your mistakes and cheer for your success. All these, I have experienced today. ☺️

Aren’t the great ones the humble ones too? Always. Now I thought of all the “divas” I’ve encountered along the way… I’m really glad I’ve come to know you people coz I truly get to appreciate the really talented (yet down-to-earth) artists like Mr. Tadashi.

I promise I’ll write more about today’s workshop but perhaps the best word to describe how I feel right now is – excitement. I look forward to do it more and more and strive to be better each time. 🤓

For years, I’ve put this on hold but there’s no stopping now. This is what I want and this is who I am now. This is not just a hobby dahling. It’s a future we’re building and a risk worth taking. 🤗

With that let me leave you with a quote and some behind the scenes clips below.

“Opportunities pop up for everybody all of the time. It’s the way that we progress. It’s whether or not you’re in the right frame of mind or in the right stage of your life or if you’re even looking for them [that determines] whether or not you see them. […] As you take more risks you see opportunities more easily.

[Risks are] never the safe option, but for me the safe option is the worst option. […] The riskiest life I can think of is letting yourself to be molded into this comfortable, same-as-everybody-else routine. For me, that is risking my whole life.”


Be kind. Always. 😊



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