Something red…


Here’s a twist to our local mancala (sungka in Filipino) just in time for Valentine’s Day! πŸ’•

I bought this mancala, along with other pieces, from an antique shop in Baguio City, last January 2017 and I’ve been contemplating (or procrastinating )what to do with it for almost a year. 😼

Should I leave it as is? I love anything antique anyways. No. I needed to make some changes with it. But why?

Ever heard of the old tales / superstitions about this game? If you haven’t, then lucky you… but I’m here to share with you the creeps! πŸ™‚

I’ve been fed with a lot of scary memories about this game. According to those crazy folks, this game brings bad luck. It causes death or a big deal of misfortune to those who owns/plays this game.

Yes I know what you’re thinking… that’s insane and I couldn’t agree with you more. However, growing up believing crazy stories such as this, isn’t easy to let go.

So, in order to take out those stupid thoughts, I needed to look at this piece with ease. #PaintItRed and put a heart (or hearts) to it.

Shoutout to those who told me these stories as a child, by the way! You guys were cruel! 😾

But seriously though, how could you?! Anyhow, I wouldn’t come up with this kikay “sungka” if not because of you people! 😺

Oh well, enough said, below is a list of the products I used.

Sand paper

Dunn-Edwards Ultra-grip Primer

Clark+Kensington Satin Enamel in Pomegranate

Copper Paint from 513 Paint Shop in Hong Kong

That’s all for now! Spread the love! πŸ’•


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