Save your powders! ✨


Whether you’re a working makeup artist or simply a makeup lover, you’ll agree with me when I say, each item in our makeup kit is precious.

Through the years, I’ve been stocking up on my makeup kit and one thing I know for sure – it’ll never be enough!

One eyeshadow palette is not enough. My Anastasia contour kit is equally precious with my Kat Von D shade & light kit. And the list goes on…

You could call it whatever you want… makeup hoarding, nonsense/wise expense, too much/too little stash, etc. And unless you get free makeup products, building up your kit is a great deal of investment. Each tap, swish on my brushes is equal to $$$. At least, that’s how I think of it. This isn’t just passion for me, it’s business.

Hence, it kills me whenever I carelessly lose any item from my kit and most of all, when products I bought don’t pay off as much as expected.

One very common problem is when my powders stop delivering what they should do. And it isn’t even half of their lifetime yet… Ugh!

Apparently, there’s a term for that – hard pan. That’s what you call when your powders build up a film which makes it so hard/impossible to pick up products with your brush. It could be an uneven adherence of colour or a dull to no colour at all.

These are some photos of my powder palettes with “hard pan” syndrome.

I found a new solution to my problem which doesn’t involve scraping off the filmy layer from the palette. The scraping process works but hurts my pocket – a lot.

So, here you go… all you need is a scotch tape and follow these simple steps:

a. Stick the tape onto the product;

b. Press the tape on the surface giving an extra tiny amount of pressure on the problem areas;

c. Peel off the tape – you could see some products caught into the sticky part of the tape;

d. Test the texture of the product – do swatches if the colour pick up is now even;

e. Repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Watch this video to see how I did it. Apologies for a low quality vid clip; filming with your phone using one had, while the other does the demo, isn’t ideal.

Here are the before and after watches for your reference guys.

I dedicate the song “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato to all my makeup palettes that need some TLC. 💜



P.S. Please share if you find this helpful. Thanks!

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