Day 2: Airbrush Masterclass

Today, my instructor let me do a Full Makeup Application on our model.

So what happened today? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

First, I find it hard to resist not to use my my brushes especially with the eyebrow, eyeshadow application. Ms. Alan said it is very common and she felt the same way too at the beginning of her airbrush training.

I must say that I am a very impatient person so learning to control the urge of using my makeup brushes and trusting the my clumsy and shaky hands with the spray gun was already an accomplishment.

But boy it was so challenging to blend the crease/shadows with a spray gun. I was a bit “okay” with freehand base shadow ( I guess πŸ€”) but the crease blending was a pain. I’ll tell you why.

When we started with the complexion/foundation application, it was pretty alright but my instructor and I both realized that my needle works well with spot correction but I certainly need another set of gun with a bigger needle.

Here comes the trouble…

I used an airbrush ready water based product for my foundation and highlights but I need to shift to a water based gel-form makeup and transform it to airbrush Β texture.

Ms. Alan wanted me to learn how to be versatile and resourceful. She even taught me how to use powder and cream products for airbrush.

However, since the needle of my gun is so tiny, that means it is also so sensitive with even the tiniest gel/solid particle that it easily clogs up. πŸ€’

So that basically was the story of today’s session. A lot of troubleshooting, cleansing, mixing. And with the time constraint, I was so tensed. In the end, I needed to borrow Ms. Alan’s spray gun and guess what, it got clogged too!πŸ˜‚ So sorry for that. ✌🏼

But I learned a lot.

I thank God that I have an instructor who is so passionate in teaching me even when I felt so insecure most of the times. She also doesn’t want me to learn only the easy stuff and pushed me harder. I needed that.

She shared the techniques she learned from her own trainings, personal experience and how she handled bumps in the road. That, I treasure in my heart.

That’s all for todayyy. 😴

– Rez πŸ’‹

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