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Home Fragrance by Shanghai Tang

It’s been raining in Metro Manila and it’s so tempting to stay in bed and read a good book. I recently bought a very nice one – Falling Leaves. I got it from Book Sale for only over PhP 100, hardbound, and in excellent condition. It’s written by Adeline Yen Mah and I’m dying to read the entire book, with no interruption. If only I could. But hey, my domesticated life nowadays has been very rewarding (snap back to reality).


So I put the book down and spent the entire day cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, etc. I have to admit that I am not in a good mood to do all those chores today. I miss working again. Office work, I mean. Sometimes I ask myself if I am ready to get back into action – you know, being my old self before D came into picture. I can still recall how addicted I was with my job that I can survive the entire day with no food, just coffee and sweets, with few hours of sleep, and my only break is when I had to go to the ladies’ room. Damn fool.

Anyways, I’m taking my time, being kind to myself. This, apparently, is a new learning for me – that it’s ok to take care of myself. No guilty thoughts then. Phew.

In days like this, I had to work my magic to get through the day. That begins with a double shot of espresso, some music in the background; playlist depends on my mood. Today, I listened to some workout cardio beat haha. Another staple for me, is the smell of the place – literally. I am so into home fragrance.

Inspired by Adeline, thinking about her struggles how she grew up as an unwanted Chinese daughter, brought me to these two lovely scents by Shanghai Tang. One is a classic, the Ginger Flower, while the other is a new one (it’s my first bottle), Jade Garden.

IMG_3645.JPGIt is my 3rd bottle of the Ginger flower room spray. Would you believe that a bottle lasts a year? Well, consider this as my “use only when necessary” kind of scent. I save it for special occasions or when I badly need a boost like today. Oh, I also have their home fragrance oil, see photo below. I can’t believe I still have few drops left after 2 years, I think. But don’t get fooled how these babies lasted years in my possession. I’m a sucker for candles and that’s my go-to/daily home scent routine.

IMG_3650.JPGI wasn’t planning to make a review but I guess what’s the use of writing about this if I won’t be able to describe how amazing they are, right?

Ginger Flower


Think about the Orient, the exotic, unique scent you will never find anywhere else in the world. That’s how I can briefly describe it for you guys. If you have never been to Asia, then this will give you the “feel” of what it’s like when you close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by nature, temples, people, etc. Sounds dreamy, eh? Don’t worry, I took a photo of Shanghai Tang’s legit description in the box. 🙂

Jade Garden


I smell basil mostly, maybe because I always sniff the leaves before I use them for cooking sshhh. It’s musky and woody. I’m not sure yet if I like this one. I definitely will not use this as often as the Ginger Flower. This has a more striking, stronger scent and I have something in mind when to use it. At the back it says, “Jade, the Chinese element of virtue, peace and serenity.” This will be my go-to home fragrance to shoo away negative elements (insert evil laugh).

There you go, I hope I gave you some idea about these babies. Mother’s day is approaching, maybe you could give this as a gift. But which one will you pick, the red one or the green one? Haha.

Ta-ta for now, have a great weekend ahead you guys.

Rez ❤️

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