Arts and Crafts for Kids (Part 1)

If you follow my Instagram posts, you may already have an idea of the mini-project that my son did recently.

It is a movable stair stepper for a bunk bed that badly needed some TLC. We wanted to add some wooden brackets to support the steps because it started to break already. We also asked dad if we could repaint it and he said yes. Yay.

Here are the photos of the stepper with protruding wooden brackets and the not so nicely applied wood filler.

Alright, let’s get our hands dirty! By the way, my son gets annoyed every time I say that.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Refurbish a Stair Stepper

  1. Nail the wooden brackets beneath the unsteady part of the steps and apply wood filler over the slightly broken surface.

  2. Use a hand saw to cut the protruding edges of the wood. Wear protective gloves and mask.
  3. Sand the part where you applied the wood filler to even out the surface. Do the same with the rough parts as well.
  4. Clean the areas to be painted on.
  5. Apply a first coat of primer. Let it dry overnight and do another coat. Remember that we are painting on a varnished piece of furniture so it is important to use a very good primer.
  6. After 3-4 hours of drying time, you may now apply a first coat of the paint of your choice. We opted for a nautical blue for this piece.
  7. Leave it to air dry overnight; after cleaning the area with a damp cloth the following day, apply a second coat of the blue paint.

Here’s the final photo.

For a more detailed instruction on how to paint furnitures, please check my previous blogs. Click here and here

Products we used for this project

  1. Multi-Surface Ultra-Grip Primer by Dunn-Edwards
  2. Dunn-Edwards Suprema Interior Eggshell in Nautical Blue
  3. Used Brush 3” (Lotus brand)
  4. Sand Paper P120 grit
  5. Face mask, gloves
  6. Drop cloth to protect the area
  7. Microfiber cloth for cleaning

Note: I do not get compensated by posting and mentioning these products. I write about them simply because I like them. 

Alright, to sum it up, here’s a 1-minute video of the entire process.

My kid and I enjoyed doing this project together and we already have other things in mind, mostly for a room make-over. It’s a good way to keep him busy, off from gadgets, and be more active this summer.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching the video. My baby helps me edit videos ‘coz he knows more than I do. Thanks Baby. 😄

Please share with us what activities you enjoy doing with your kids as well. We’ll be so happy to hear your stories.

Spread the love and Be Kind, always.


Rez ❤️

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