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Overworked? Read this.

Happy Easter to All!

How did you celebrate Easter? A typical Filipino family would have been able to hear mass, dine out and/or watch a movie. Boss Baby is already out last Saturday (15th April) in Manila cinemas by the way; I’ve been waiting for this movie since they released an ad early this year. 👶

Maybe some of you took a break from the metro and traveled to a colder place coz it’s starting to scorch here, really. Or you may have spent the holidays far away in an island for that much needed relaxation, sun, beach and Instagram. 📷

Sangat Island, Coron, Philippines
Sangat Island, Coron, Philippines
Wake up with this view 🙂

If you were like me years ago, this day was spent not so differently from the rest of other Sundays because you’ve been working during the “holidays” anyways.

If you are the latter, I imagine you to be a hardworking individual, unstoppable, driven. While all of this is true, there may be another side where you may feel stuck, overwhelmed and dying to take a well-deserved break from all the chaos at work.

Looks familiar? How about the warped keyboard image on top? 🙂

Plan something for your well-being and own it. Don’t let the summer (yes, it is summertime in the Philippines) slip by without taking days or weeks off. You need time for yourself and also nurture  your relationship with people who truly matter. And no, I’m not talking about your stakeholders at work.

If you are in a working environment where you feel guilty to take a time off, then I suggest you do a bit of introspection. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you take a leave at the height of all the hustle where your authority/role is crucial – accountability, guys. But if the load of work, stress is starting to take its toll on you, talk to your line manager and look for ways to fix the problem without jeopardising your well-being.

No excuses, your health comes before your work. As a friend always say whenever he catches himself to be overwhelmed with tons of things to be done, “tomorrow is another day.” Surely, tasks may not be completed in a day no matter how tempting it is for us to get everything done n-o-w. Nonetheless, it will not harm to do the big ticket items today and leave the rest for the next day.


Take a deep breath, imagine what you want to do this summer; where would you want to go; and the people you will be with? Now, set a date, block it off already and send your leave request.


Make a list of what you need to do in order to make this happen. Own it because you deserve it. When it gets overwhelming, because sometimes planning for a trip can be stressful too, learn to delegate. Maybe someone else can book the hotel and be in-charge of the fun activities during the trip. Same thing applies at work, remember, you may not be able to accomplish everything before you take a time off. Ask help from someone to ease out things for you.

No excuses, this vacay is definitely going to happen.  😘

– Rez ❤️

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