Faux Rust Finish

Hi you guys. It’s weekend, yay! By the way, have you noticed how hot and humid it has been lately? It’s 32ΒΊC with 55% humidity. So, drink up and step up your SPF because summertime has finally arrived.


I bet you are dreaming of a beach getaway or perhaps to go somewhere cold? As for me, I go for the latter; I want to be in a very very cold place right now.

somewhere like this πŸ™ƒ

Hot as it seems, it’ll be the best time to put out those bulky, old furniture that you’ve been dying to restore. Getting ample sunshine boosts level of serotonin too. And, for those who likes to tan, you may want to that while enjoying painting under the sun. 😎

I chose this topic by the way, because I noticed that rust finish is becoming more popular. Its earthy, natural feel and rich texture make it a perfect accent for indoors and outdoors. I love this style so much. Rust and Patina are my jewels. They make my heart beat faster. It’s like taking me back, very far back in time.

If you, too, like rust finishes, I have a good news for you! You can transform your ordinary wooden furniture to a new piece that will complement your industrial or modern style.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you how I restored our shoe cabinet made of laminate to a faux rust finish using Modern Masters Metal Effects.

old photo of our shoe cabinet

Let’s get started. 😊

Disassemble if necessary.

For this project, I removed the drawers and the handles too as I intend to replace them with a much more updated piece.



As mentioned before, this is a crucial step. Remove dirt, dust, grime, etc. Please don’t skip this part coz it’ll affect the paint later on.

you can find these from your local supermarket

I use a magic cloth that is highly absorbent paired with a kitchen or bathroom cleaner, if it’s really dirty. Afterwards, I wipe it with a damp cloth until I am satisfied that no residue of the cleaner is left.

Let it dry.

Apply Primer

The Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint comes with its own primer, but I still prefer to use my go-to primer first, and apply the Modern Masters primer afterwards.

the most photographed paint can in this blog πŸ˜‚

I used the Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip primer because I am painting on a laminate and I want to be sure that the Iron Reactive Paint will adhere to it very well.

don’t forget to protect and mask the area

I applied 2 coats of the Dunn-Edwards primer and only 1 coat of the modern masters primer because it is quite expensive.

Now, here’s where the fun part truly begins.😁

You can buy these from Decopro Shop at MC Home Depot in BGC

How to Apply Modern Masters Iron Reactive Paint and Rust Activator Kit

  1. Apply Modern Masters Primer and let dry overnight
  2. Apply 2 coats of Iron Reactive Paint. First coat, let it dry for half an hour. For the second coat, let dry for a full hour.
  3. Whilst drying, protect the areas you don’t intend to get in contact with the rust activating agent, that includes your skin. This product stings so please cover up, wear gloves, mask.
  4. Transfer the rust activating agent in a spray bottle.
  5. After an hour of drying time (second coat of iron paint), hold the bottle approximately 8 inches away from the surface and start to spray from top to bottom.
  6. You may make diagonal or random strokes but do make sure that the entire area is well saturated. Let the rust activator drip as this will create a beautiful texture afterwards.
  7. Give it 5 more minutes and spray again.
  8. If you wish to have a softer finish, you may use a chip brush to even out the area.
  9. After approximately 2 hours, the rust finish will come into form.


I painted the edges of the furniture with Modern Masters metallic paint in opaque black.


If this is your first time, you may want to experiment with smaller pieces first just like what I did. You will later get the hang of it and be able to create the textures you want.

Here are some of the old projects I did using Modern Masters Metal Effects – Rust, Green and Blue Patina finishes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking forward to see your projects in the future!

Share the love and stay happy!

Rez ❀️

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