Painting a Laminate Dresser

Hello there! It’s a lovely weather in Metro Manila today. Google says it’s 28ºC perfect for a walk in the park, dip in the pool or to run around with your dog. 😁🐶

Here’s a photo taken from our balcony at 7:30am today, not too hot yet.


It’s a perfect time to water my super thirsty plants. I’m so sorry I sometimes forget to attend to you guys. Please don’t die.


Before I totally forget what I am supposed to write about, let me share with you an old photo of our “project.” I think it’s a TV console or an entryway dresser, it came with the house and we used it to keep our stuff and sometimes convert it to a buffet table too whenever we have guests. It is very useful and sturdy.


It looked pretty fine, but my partner and I wanted it to match with some newly purchased furnitures, which are mostly in white or black. I had a hard time choosing the color to paint it with and for a badly needed inspiration, I always browse through photos from Pinterest and Houzz. These two apps are the best.

Aside from the color to choose, I had to visualize where to place it. Will it stay behind our sofa or should I place it elsewhere, perhaps with a different purpose?

My eyes are glued to our mini-home office right beside the entry hall which is a bit bare coz it’s very challenging to find a piece to go with our  sleek Mamba Light MDF Italia desk  given to us by my partner’s parents. Hence, I thought of coming up with something to fill that spot.

Perhaps black will be too dark especially because we badly need a good lighting in our entry hall, so why not gray instead?

Time to roll up my sleeves.

This time around, I took out the cabinet doors, hinges, drawers and knobs. And, I noticed that aside from a much needed cleaning, some part of the laminate is already peeling off especially at the back of the furniture. I had to nail some part of it with the vertical frames, glue the laminates and fill in the damaged part with wood putty. Note: You can buy the glue and filler for wood locally at home depot or local hardwares.

After an hour, making sure that the glue and putty were already dry, I wiped the entire surface with a damp cloth. Some use a  TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)  cleaner  to get rid of all kinds of dirt and oil leaving your wood prepped up for painting. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that one here in Manila. I already visited several branches of home depot and hardwares with no luck at all.

So, in this case, water is my best friend. I also use a magic cloth type because it is absorbent and you can scrub it harder versus a cotton/microfiber towel.

Now, here we go guys, a step-by-step guide for DIYers out there:

a. Detach doors, drawers, hinges, knobs

b. Clean, glue, fill in spaces with wood putty for an even surface


c. Priming

Of course, what else will I use to prime this laminated cabinet? That’s right, I used the best primer in the metro, Dunn-Edwards Ulta-Grip Premium Multi-Surface Primer.

d. Mask and Protect the area

I used two different gray combination, a lighter and a darker variety, hence masking with a painter’s tape is a must to attain clean lines just like a pro. 😎

d. Painting

I bought an 890ml can from Ace Hardware of Cool Dust and Charcoal Fog both in flat finish. I wanted the inner part to be lighter so I painted it with Charcoal Fog while the outer part and the edges with Cool Dust. I used two coats for each with 2 hours interval. By the way, I used a metallic black by Modern Masters  for the shelves to add a bit of gloss to a very flat gray combo.

I didn’t seal this afterwards but I want to share that I had trouble re-attaching the hinges of the cabinet doors. Lesson learned: take a picture or sketch the hardwares before taking them out or you’ll turn crazy as I did.

Another thing, the type of paints I used needed at least a day or two of drying time if you are painting indoors. I was so impatient that I ended up attaching the doors and  drawers after 4 hours and just when I thought they were dry enough, I couldn’t pull out the drawers the next day. To make it worse, the paints went off when I forcefully pulled them open. 😭 So please, learn from my mistake.

Alright, after several retouches, here’s the final product.

gray cabinet before_after

If you are a first-time painter, or you would like to know the tools or products I used and where to purchase them here in Manila, please check my previous blog.

That’s all for now and thank you for dropping by! Sharing is caring. Please hit like and spread the love.


-Rez ❤️

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